Before departing for your trip, it’s important to make sure you have the required visas for your destinations. In case you are traveling to multiple destinations, please remember to make sure you have the proper visas for each country on your itinerary. It is important to check expiration dates on your passports since many countries have a policy requiring at least six months of validity remaining from the date of departure.

For guests who need a visa, please apply in the US or Canada before departure. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for the application process to complete for most consulates. Since regulations are frequently updated, it’s a good idea to check with the appropriate consular offices for the latest details.

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For your convenience, we have put together a simple reference chart for US passport holders:

Visas not required

Asia Visa
Taiwan 90 Days
Japan 90 Days
South Korea 90 Days
Hong Kong 90 Days
Singapore 90 Days
Malaysia 90 Days
Thailand 30 Days
Phillipine 30 Days
Mongolia 90 Days
Middle East  
Israel 90 Days
New Zealand 90 Days
Swaziland 30 Days
Spain 90 Days
United Kingdom 180 Days
Ireland 90 Days
Iceland 90 Days
Norway 90 Days
Sweden 90 Days
Finland 90 Days
Estonia 90 Days
Lithuania 90 Days
Denmark 90 Days
Germany 90 Days
France 90 Days
Portugal 90 Days
Netherlands 90 Days
Belgium 90 Days
Italy 90 Days
Poland 90 Days
Czech Rep 90 Days
Austria 90 Days
Solvakia 90 Days
Hungary 90 Days
Croatia 90 Days
Romania 30 Days
Bulgaria 90 Days
Greece 90 Days
Latvia 90 Days
Ukraine 90 Days
South America  
Mexico 180 Days
Guatemala 90 Days
Nicaragua 90 Days
Costa Rica 90 Days
Panama 90 Days
Venezuela 90 Days
Colombia 90 Days
Guyana 90 Days
French Guiana 90 Days
Paraguay 90 Days
Peru 183 Days
Uruguay 90 Days
Chile 90 Days
Argentina 90 Days
Morocco 90 Days
South Africa 90 Days

Visas required

China Visa Required
Vietnam Visa Required
Cambodia Visa Required
India Visa Required
Indonesia Visa Required
Myanmar Visa Required
Nepal Visa Required
Sri Lanka Visa Required
Pakistan Visa Required
Afghanistan Visa Required
Maldives Visa Required
Belarus Visa Reqired
Russia Visa Reqired
Turkey Visa Reqired
Jordan Visa Reqired
Syria Visa Reqired
Iran Visa Reqired
Iraq Visa Reqired
Saudi Arbia Visa Reqired
Turkmenistan Visa Reqired
Eqypt Visa Reqired
Kenya Visa Reqired
Tanzania Visa Reqired
Zambia Visa Reqired
Austrakua Visa Reqired
Suriname Visa Reqired
Brazil Visa Reqired
Bolivia Visa Reqired