Airline Pacific Line (LB/PC) Asian Routes (Total Weight in pound) Atlantic Line(LB/PC) Airline Pacific Line (LB/PC) Asian Routes (Total Weight in pound) Atlantic Line(LB/PC)
Eva Airlines 50/2PC 44 44/1PC Air France N/A N/A 50/1PC
China Airlines 50/2PC 44 44/1PC Lufthansa N/A N/A 50/1PC
Cathay Pacifc 50/2PC 44 44/1PC Air Canada 50/1PC N/A 50/1PC
Dragon Air N/A 44 N/A Virgin Atlantic N/A N/A 50/1PC
Singapore Airlines 50/2PC 44 66/1PC British Airways N/A N/A 50/1PC
Japan Airlines 50/2PC 44 50/2PC Swiss Air N/A N/A 50/1PC
All Nippon Airway 50/1PC 44 50/1PC Emirates Airlines N/A N/A 50/1PC
Korean Airlines 50/2PC 44 50/1PC Malaysia Airlines N/A 44 66/1PC
Asiana Airlines 50/2PC 44 44/1PC Thai Airway 50/2PC 44 66/1PC
Air China 50/2PC 44 50/1PC US Airway N/A N/A 50/1PC
China Eatern 50/2PC 44 50/2PC Turkish Airlines N/A N/A 50/1PC
China Southern 50/2PC 44 50/1PC Air New Zealand 50/1PC N/A N/A
Hainan Airlines 50/2PC 44 N/A Qantas Airway 50/2pc N/A N/A
Vientnam Airlines 50/2PC 44 66/1PC American Airlines 50/1PC N/A 50/1PC
Delta Airlines 50/1PC N/A 50/1PC United Airlines 50/1PC N/A 50/1PC

Above weight limits are accurate at time of publication; may be subject to change.

For more details and the latest updates, please contact your airline as listed above.

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